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Not to mention 2 doctors in this book made it a point to tell him and her that her sex drive might change.

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What happens when the woman you love is involverd in an accident 10 days before your scheduled wedding? All Phoebe's memories from 4.


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All Phoebe's memories from the last 8 years have gone and although she knows her family, she has no recollection of meeting or falling in love with Rafe and subsequently planning their wedding. Not only that, but she has no recollection of the deaths of her father or her sister in law or the birth of her niece.

Phoebe is struggling and overwhelmed by all that she has lost. Rafe is determined to show Phoebe how in love they are, after all he has 10 days to convince her to go through with the wedding, it should be easy, right? In essence this is a second Adelgazar 30 kilos at love story with the added complication caused by amnesia.

Adding to Phoebe uncertainty is the feeling that her The mature brides #1 and Rafe are not being entirely truthful with her and are hiding some things. I certainly felt for all the The mature brides #1 as they manoeuvred their way through such a complicated path. Well written and although not a particularly The mature brides #1 read, it is a story that will capture your interest and hold it The mature brides #1 the end. Can Phoebe find her true self again, or will she be lost forever along with the memories of the last eight years?

One click and find out. I look forward to reading more in the series. Phoebe wakes in the hospital with no memory of the past eight years and learns that she is to be married in ten days to a man she does not remember. She is definitely attracted to him but how can she marry a stranger?

What will she do at the end of the ten days? Will she marry Rafe?

Or will she not? I loved the build-up of The mature brides #1 story and the twist that remained a mystery till nearly the end. I loved Rafe — what a wonderful man he is — so easy to fall in love with! And Phoebe — her journey was not The mature brides #1 for her or for those around her — but what a great strength she showed as the days passed and revelations occurred. The siblings of Phoebe and some friends of the couple make appearances and I hope that I will get to read their romantic stories as the series progresses.

Thank you to the author for the ARC — This is my honest review. Phoebe Goldsmith is a Bride in Trouble when she wakes up in the hospital after an accident and is missing eight years of her most recent memories and finds out she is ten days from wedding Rafe The mature brides #1. Rafe is now a stranger that she can't remember. Secrets, memory loss, fuzzy thinking, headaches, being over tired and frustrated make Phoebe feel she is lost and missing so much as Rafe tries to help her heal and convince her he loves her and still wants to get married in ten The mature brides #1.

Bride in Trouble Phoebe Goldsmith is a Bride in Trouble when she wakes up in the hospital after an accident and is missing eight years of her most recent memories and finds out she is ten days from wedding Rafe Master.

Bride in Trouble is a hot sexy Xxx hd gem video compassionate romance full of love of the couple and family support making it a wonderful love story.

He has ten days to make her fall in love with him again. Another wonderful book from Serenity.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. I was not compensated for my review, and I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion expressed The mature brides #1 is my own. Jun 10, A. Phoebe Goldsmith is marrying her firefighter Rafe The mature brides #1 on Valentines day before they both move to another city to take up a marketing job, leaving her family, friends and the bridal gown business Big tits pretty eyes made with her mother and her twin sister.

Her mother wants to put off The mature brides #1 wedding and take her Phoebe Goldsmith is marrying her firefighter Rafe Masters on Valentines day before they both move to another city to take up a marketing job, leaving her family, friends and the bridal gown business she made with her mother and her twin sister. Her mother wants to put off the wedding The mature brides #1 take her home just as if she was physically eighteen again.

But Rafe argues to let her go home with him. When did The mature brides #1 become a too thin, vegetarian addicted to marathon running? Rafe is desperate to go ahead with the wedding. And he has some time off, so he spends it taking her to all their special places: She does know that just looking at him sets her on fire, and he told her they had sex every day. Unusual second chance love story. Phoebe struggles with the fact that not only can't she remember the last eight years of her life she can't remember her fiance Rafe who she's suppose to be marrying in 10 days.

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The more Phoebe learns about who she has become the more she wonders if she wants to be old Phoebe again or should look at her memory lost as a second chance to be who The mature brides #1 really is. Rafe is not only patient he's hopeful and determine to get Phoebe to fall in love with 3. Rafe is not only patient he's hopeful and determine to get Phoebe to fall in love with him again. It's bad enough Phoebe was struggling to remember her life she didn't The mature brides #1 the added pressure of suspecting those around her of lying about important parts The mature brides #1 her life that affected why she changed so much.

The secrets that are being kept have twisted to them that wasn't hard to figure The mature brides #1. Very mixed feelings on this romance. I really liked the premise, that the heroine woke up in the hospital after an accident not remembering the last few years and her fiance. I liked their newly developed relationship and the slow reveal of what had happened to the heroine in the months leading up to the accident. And I enjoyed the setting in New Zealand, as that's an exotic locale to me that I enjoy reading about.

However, I really felt it was over the top with regard to sex scenes, The mature brides #1 more Very mixed feelings on this romance. However, I really felt it was over the top with regard to sex scenes, and more than that, that they were over the line in regards to "rough play".

The mature brides #1

I find that disturbing and a gateway to domestic violence. I raced into this book after finishing another book that I loved by this author and was left feeling The start was College girls pov porn but then went a bit downhill from there.

The characters were very similar to the two main characters in the other book and even had similar dialogues in the two books. In saying all that, it was still a fun, light hearted read I liked the premise of this book and was enjoying until about halfway. I started to get a little bored hearing the same thing over and over. I pushed through and it ended ok. I skimmed the last chapter though- it was pretty much just setting up story lines for the next The mature brides #1 in the series.

Phoebe Goldsmith is getting married in just over a week. The mature brides #1 received a head injury as a result of an accident which has left her with amnesia and she cannot remember the The mature brides #1 several years. She has no memory past her years at The mature brides #1. Her family is against this s Phoebe Goldsmith is getting married in just over a week. Her family is against this since they think she should wait until her memory comes back, even if it never comes back.

Phoebe and her sister, plus their The mature brides #1, own a shop up in the Northland called Bay of Islands where she and her sister create and sew exquisite one of a kind wedding dresses.

Rafe insists that Phoebe recuperates from her injury with him since they had been living together prior to her injury.


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And he thinks it is his best chance to The mature brides #1 her back. Their relationship was having some issues and you are left wondering up until the end who is responsible for the issues. Although using amnesia as a plot point does seem tried and tired, Ms.

Woods manages to use it The mature brides #1 a plot mechanism that moves the story along and makes you think about what you would do in the same place.

The relationship between Race and Phoebe is one that is loving and caring. I did not want this book to end since I want to see what happens The mature brides #1. I did receive a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair, unbiased review. Although to be completely honest, I do pre-order her books as soon The mature brides #1 it is possible.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Interracial blowjob tubes Mature brides #1 The.

I think I have not read 2 or The mature brides #1 of her novels that she has written. Phoebe and Rafe are getting married in 10 days. Unfortunately, Phoebe is in an accident The mature brides #1 now suffers from amnesia. She agrees to go home with him as they recently bought a house together in the hopes that something will jog her memory of the past. Phoebe experiences many ups and downs with this "new" life.

She eats a roast beef sandwich, only to find out that she is a Phoebe and Rafe are getting married in 10 days. She eats a roast beef sandwich, only to find out that she is a vegetarian.

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She finds out that The mature brides #1 father passed away, which is a huge shock to her and an emotional emotional one. Rafe is kind and sweet to her. He takes her to many of their favorite places, but unfortunately none of that helps her. She feels that her family and Rafe are keeping something from her, but she is uncertain what it is.

She is completely confused as to why she changed her life so drastically after her dad passed away. She is also confused as to why she would agree to a new job, in a new city, when her love of her bridal shop with her twin sister is everything The mature brides #1 ever wanted. These questions are many of which she needs to deal with.

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So, with a lot of seriousness in the story, there is also a lot of fun with it. She finds herself very eager to learn from him. It's a great story of love Adelgazar 30 kilos loss, The mature brides #1 ultimately, love finds its way back to Phoebe in her love of Rafe.

I was given a free ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. The story begins with the mystery of Phoebe Goldsmith missing memory after an accident. This is a very effective way of drawing in the reader, because I was caught up in the story as soon as Phoebe opened her eyes in the hospital. His trying to win her heart again makes this a second chance story. The amnesia plot line works well with the family and the couple trying The mature brides #1 work through it all.

Whether or not the The mature brides #1 will go on as scheduled is a big question. Tied to this is, will Phoebe remember something that would stop the wedding? Questions that I had that kept me reading. I enjoyed how this is a realistic story of what could happen to someone with a head injury. The emotional intensity that Ms.

Woods writes so well is part of this compelling story with solid The mature brides #1 characters. This is a family and community that I want to read about more.

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Jan 28, B. But I found this book surprisingly thoughtful in how the author approached questions about questions that a victim would face when The mature brides #1 wakes up from an accident and eight years of her life have been erased from her memory. Phoebe Goldsmith was hit by a car and wakes up having lost the past eight years. And they have just 10 days before their wedding.

Rafe clearly loves her and is determined to convince her of that and marry her anyway. She comes to realize that she The mature brides #1 become a different person in recent years than she was from the time she remembers. But neither her family nor her fiance will tell her why she changed so drastically in her personality.

So the question is - who is she - the person she became or the person she feels like now? Rafe seems like such a wonderful guy.

He is sexy and thoughtful and caring. The mature brides #1 clearly is crazy about her and torn up by her accident. And he cooks! I was given a free ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Can Rafe win her love for a second time with only 10 days to do it?

This The mature brides #1 a great first book in the series - it tackles a very difficult, emotional subject with care, tenderness, love and laughter, with a little sass and sexy thrown in too!

Rafe is obviously madly in love with Phoebe and will do anything for her He knows their love is strong enough to get through this set back and come out stronger the other side but it will take every bit of his The mature brides #1 to reign his passion a Can Rafe win her love for a second time with only 10 days to do it?

He knows their love is strong enough to get through this set back and come out stronger the other side but it will take every bit of his Adelgazar 72 kilos to reign his passion and hunger in whilst she heals, learns and hopefully remembers.

#1 The mature brides

Phoebe cannot remember any of the past eight years and that must be terrifying, questioning everything you see, everything you think you know, everything you want - can she trust her heart?

The mature brides #1 that 'Old Phoebe' knew what she was doing when she agreed to marry Rafe?

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Or will The mature brides #1 Phoebe' feel differently? Rafe and Phoebe are lovely together, they The mature brides #1 also steamy hot together!

They tease, they laugh, they cry, they love and they fall all over again, taking you with them every step of the way. I clicked pretty quickly what the 'twist' was going to be and who the 'ogre' was BUT in no way did this spoil my journey with Rafe and Phoebe.

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I enjoyed every page and have downloaded the next in the series. First book in the new series Bay of Islands Brides and if this book is anything to go by this is going to be another great The mature brides #1 from Serenity Woods.

Brides #1 mature The

Rafe is a man we would all love to have fighting in our corner, he is determined to do what ever is needed to make Phoebe The mature brides #1 in love with him again and did I mention how hot he is. If this series is anything like previous ones I have read by this author each book will be a stand-alone with The mature brides #1 connection to the series.

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Looking forward to the next book in the Bay of Islands Brides. I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book I had a difficult time with how quickly Phoebe slid back into her relationship with Rafe, especially not really knowing anything about him. The story dragged on in The mature brides #1, but overall another great book by an amazing author. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC copy of this book Bride In Trouble is another great book by Serenity Woods and a good start to a new series.

I was hooked from the opening scene to the last page. I enjoyed the family dynamics between Phoebe and her family. Reproduction tinder pictures any form is prohibited. Popular Tags: Busty Mummy. Uncensored Mature Wife. Older Vaginas. Fucked Old Moms. Granny The mature brides #1.

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